TOP TIPS – get that beach body for summer…

WANT TO SEE RESULTS? …THEN DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME … DOING IT WRONG!! Being disciplined doesn’t come easily to most of us – but, if you want to see results you simply HAVE to be, it’s that simple! I’m going to give you some tips to help you get the results to change your life, to get fit….. and keep it that way!

You can choose, spend an hour at the gym or working out, chatting, being social & not really thinking about what you’re doing and basically leaving pretty much in the same state that you arrived –


Spend less than 1 hour at the gym and be effective in your workout, be focused & leave feeling pumped and alive and having achieved something.

T o p   T i p s

FORM – I need to hammer this one home, it’s so important. Too often I see people swinging dumbells around that are way too heavy. DO NOT sacrifice form for heavier weights. This is just momentum, not muscle being used – lower the weight & control the movement. When doing dips, keep your elbows in & go up and down vertically to isolate the tricep, otherwise you engage the whole upper body, which is fine as long as that is your intention.

PROGRAMs – if you’re new to working out, either cardio or resistance, keep track of your progress. Follow a program. Write down # of reps, the weight lifted, the distance you ran & the time taken. You will see progression and it’s really motivating

CHANGE your program – do not leave it more than 4-6 weeks or else your body adapts and results will diminish. Change the weight, the reps, the order, the time taken – CONFUSE the muscles to keep them working!

COMPOUND exercises – will assist with this confusion, by using different muscle groups in the same movement, it keep it interesting for you too. E.g sumo squat with one arm shoulder press, aim to engage both upper & lower body at the same time.

MIX it all up – some weeks lift heavier weights with MORE time between sets, the week after go for lighter ones, more reps with less interval time. Run or jog uphill (either on the treadmill or outside) for 10 mins then walk for 2 mins, change intensity, effort – get results!
NEGATIVE training – e.g for the biceps, lift the weight up quickly (here you DO use momentum!) but then lower the weight SLOWLY to starting position, this can be done for most exercises & again helps to ‘confuse’ the muscles.

DE-STABILISE the body. Use either a ‘Bosu’ ball or vibration technology equipment. This forces more of your muscles to work at the same time to accelerate your results. Use with cardio or resistance, & compound exercises are great here.

BOOTCAMP is a great way to learn new ideas on how to train, they will often involve a whole range of different activities, from running/sprinting to boxing, to body weight work, use props (e.g bosu/thera bands/fitballs), it’s social, fun, & interactive! Turn a bootcamp buddy into a gym buddy if you go to both, having someone to workout with encourages you to push yourself much more than if by yourself.

One area where I see many differing views is the debate between FREE WEIGHTS & MACHINES… which ARE better??

The truth neither. They BOTH have pro’s & con’s and a place in a fitness program.

With free weights you can engage more muscles & have got more scope for range of motion, you will employ the stabilising muscles which assists with balance. You can see results, especially with strength, faster. Free weights are more comparable to ‘real life’ movement situations, they also use the brain more in their operation. You may, however be more prone to injury if not using correct form and also in not using correct form not see effective results unless corrected.

Machines are especially good for beginners, they ‘set’ your posture and are easily adjustable to change to the correct weight for your level, & have a lower risk of injury. As they isolate they are good for rehabilitation or working on specific areas. I really enjoy using machines, but as part of a VARIED routine, and this is the key – continual use of the same machines may cause overuse of that muscle and results can be diminished, neither do they reflect real life situations and are not suited to everyones shape or size.

It’s never too late – keep active!

The bottom line is that if you really want to reach & maintain a good & healthy weight, you need to have a good balanced diet and be active. At the end of the day any exercise is better than none, but to get real results you will need to work. The benefits are immeasurable though – and will take you into an active later life. Find what you enjoy, keep changing it up, this shouldn’t be a chore, set your goals & challenge yourself to get results..once they start coming in – there’ll be no stopping you!..

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