Isowhey Office Detox – results are in!….

  Time To Detox?

As I have been blogging about Detox for the last couple of weeks, I thought it only fitting that we here at IsoWhey Headquarters- put our money where our mouths are and actually do one!  So we did.

In total we had  6 people aiming to do a simple cleanse detox for a week – easy you might think?  Well, yes and no – at the end only 3 of us had completed it (to my satisfaction!) – I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are!!

So what did we do?…

  • we cut out alcohol, coffee, sweets/chocolates, processed food (i.e take aways), anything white, stimulants (like energy drinks/sodas esp diet ones!), dairy (milk/cheese/yoghurt) & red meat
  • we added (or continued!) green and/or herbal teas, more water consumption, juicing fruit & veggies
  • we were mindful to eat healthily, snack carefully, sleep properly
  • keep exercising, but add Yoga/meditation to our regime if possible
  • we used IsoWhey (as this does have a detox effect)
  • we took supplements to assist liver detoxification
Our results varied, as they will for everyone. When you do a detox, how you feel will depend on where you started from, the more unhealthy you have been – in terms of diet & exercise, the harder you may find it, but the results should be more extreme. In our office, we are already mindful of our diet and we all exercise so I believe we had less ‘scope’ to see dramatic results.
I probably felt the least of everyone, I was hoping to look more fresh-faced in the morning, but alas that was not meant to be! I did wake up feeling better than usual though and I noticed I slept better, the main thing with me was getting a sore throat at the end of the week – perhaps due to toxin release??  Who knows! The girls in the office had mixed results, with some not being able to complete the detox, B feeling MUCH better for it and Z and F both feeling good to have done it, especially in terms of a challenge but physically not a huge difference.

The hardest thing was giving up what we all had daily – our coffee!… for you it may be your daily fix of diet coke or your morning muffin? In fact this was some people’s downfall, they just couldn’t give it up. Why is this? – is it purely addiction, is it psychological…probably both. But like someone here said, coffee is like a dessert – especially with full fat milk, sugar, cream and chocolate sprinkled on top of course its addictive!! Coffee does provide that pick me up, it gets you through the morning, especially if you’re a bit tired, but be warned, as someone here found that coffee high was followed by a low & a sugar craving…not good! 
avoid avoid avoid!
I found it quite challenging to go shopping – the good thing is how it makes you really THINK about what you’re buying and how much rubbish you usually do buy! I had to consider the contents of EVERYTHING I was eating! the good thing is that it is then easy, once you get into the habit of healthy eating to continue, you know what to buy quickly and you have a ‘list’ in your head of healthy meals (Janine’s videos also helped  – especially Quinoa – I LOVE it!).

The other thing we all noticed was the obstacles that popped up during the week, this will be the same for everyone too I’m sure but, there’s ALWAYS something on to tempt you away from your goals – and THIS is where you need to be strong mentally and STICK to them – we had 2 birthdays last week (both with cake – most of us abstained!), this week there was a wedding and of course Melbourne Cup…it’s never ending!! 

I think to really see & feel the benefits from doing a detox you need to maintain it for at least 2-3 weeks, preferably longer. Often you will feel worse initially so it will take time to get to that “Wow, I feel fabulous” stage that we hear about! You need to be STRONG and DETERMINED to see it through, this can be really challenging and may bring up lots of other issues for you – I believe it helps to have others do it with you, though ultimately the responsibility lies with YOU – why not get some friends together and organise a group detox, or do as we did and do it at the office.
The benefits are definitely there to be had…most people on our detox felt the better for doing it and I am definitely going to carry on for longer, if you can improve even one area of your life, then surely it’s worth it?

 Because you’re worth it!

2 thoughts on “Isowhey Office Detox – results are in!….

  1. Hi Kathy, great to hear from you!.. I posed your question to the resident IsoWhey Chef, Janine, who said to go to our e-book “Healthy Living Programs” from the website – and go to the section named ‘rejuvenation plan’ (pg 14-15) to get the detox recipes – for our Detox remember we cut out dairy, coffee, alcohol, & anything processed, try and stick with it for as long as you can, 2 weeks would be great – the result for me was that although I do now have coffee again, I am much more mindful of what I eat (nearly) all the time! Good Luck Kathy! – isowhey Ian :))

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