EXERCISE to Detox the mind body & spirit…

People usually think of detoxing as simply changing what you eat or just buying a quick fix potion…and diet is the main detox tool – however, there are quite a few other things you can do to accelerate your detoxification. The main one being..


We live in a sedentary world these days with many people spending hours, day after day, week after week sitting at a desk looking at a computer. This has lead to a huge increase in the problem of Obesity and all its co-morbidities – diabetes, heart disease, stroke, IBS, cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on. Exercise of course helps to prevent all these, but what you may not realise is that all the toxins I have been talking about in the last couple of blogs actually get stored in the fat cells around your body.

By reducing your body fat, you are also reducing the amount of toxins in your body, this is partly done because as you exercise you increase the circulation of the blood and also the lymphatic fluid which acts like a drainage system around the body, hence making the removal of toxins all the easier, this also leaves your cells in a much healthier state & functioning more efficiently, so boosting your immune system and keeping illness at bay                                                               

                                   Healthy Cells = Healthy You!!

You will also be helping to control your blood sugar levels & so be more able to ward off those pesky mid afternoon sugar cravings!

Other reasons Exercise boosts Detox…

  • it will de-stress you, producing the feel good endorphins to lift your mood


  • increasing lean muscle mass, burns fat more efficiently, less toxin storage


  • exercise can stimulate bowel movements – instant detox!


  • by exercising you improve your breathing technique, releasing carbon dioxide easier and taking in more oxygen, especially while practicing YOGA and PILATES


  • Aerobic exercise with increase the amount you sweat, again releasing toxins through the skin, as well as increasing the heart rate, circulation and oxygen again.


It’s important to note however that you shouldn’t embark on a Detox if you’re pregnant, neither should you start a new type of training which will over exert yourself.



Colonic Irrigation, or Colon Hydrotherapy – 

umm, it might sound a bit yucky, but, (so I’m told), can be quite refreshing! As mentioned we have the worst diet in the history of mankind and our bodies really aren’t designed to process all these toxins that we absorb or consume. A build up may occur in the intestines and colon and cause a range of medical problems, to your gut health and toxins being created within the colon, which today is a common area for cancer. With food getting ‘trapped’ inside this can cause bloating, constipation & wind from the food being putrified in the gut.

This concept actually began in ancient Egypt but has been used in the Western world since the early 1800‘s. You can now go along to a treatment centre or clinic and have the procedure where warm purified water will be sent via the anus up into the intestines, promoting ‘perperistalsis’ the muscle action used to excrete waste.

I have seen the pictures of what can come out and it really IS amazing – I can see how it can cause instant weight loss! But the benefits would include a healthier gut, better processing of waste & better absorption of nutrients from your food. Three to six treatments are recommended for best results, why not give it a go?!


Skin Brushing – 

Now this is much less intrusive, but effective nonetheless. You simply need to buy a (good quality) skin brush with strong bristles and spare a few minutes each morning or night, preferably before bathing. 

Skin brushing (like exercise) will encourage blood & lymphatic circulation, again aiding the release of toxins. It will exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and then promote regeneration, giving your skin a refreshed look, its also said to reduce the appearance of cellulite – always a plus!

All you do is gently brush the skin, generally you go toward the heart on the  torso and up the arms in small circular actions, I do this (when I remember!) and it really does make a difference – the hard part is just making it part of your routine!


Massage & Acupuncture –

Both these therapies work in the same way in the sense that they stimulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system to release toxins – massage by stimulating hand strokes around the whole body and acupuncture by inserting wafer thin needles into ‘acupoints’ or points of energy in the body.


Seaweed / Algae wraps –                                                                                                                                          

 The ocean provides many amazing things to the earth, algae being one – it cleanses the sea and is also said to detoxify us – now I could not find scientific proof of these claims, and if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t believe in anything until there’s scientific proof, then fair enough, but you could be missing out on a beautiful experience. This can work either via the skin (absorption) or by taking it orally & algae’s have been used for hundreds of years in East cultures. The algae contains many nutrients & amino acids said to be great benefit to both the skin and internally for our cells.


Steam / Saunas –

Most gyms have these and it can be a great way to relax after a hard work out, again using the skin to expel the toxins – however, don’t stay in too long and drink lots of water afterwards!

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend you try and do a proper detox, they are not easy, they require will power, but you can see great results feel better all round. I do not recommend the quick fixes like the lemon detox as they have no long term benefits are incredibly hard to stick to and you feel dreadful while doing it!

Tomorrow – how we did on the IsoWhey office Detox last week!….

3 thoughts on “EXERCISE to Detox the mind body & spirit…

  1. Hi Isowhey Ian,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I just came back from a 3 day camp and all I ate was so much crappy food. 😦
    Before this I ate extremely healthy and exercised 4 days a week for 2 hours. I’ve put on a few kilos and was wondering whether there is a way to empty my stomach or system and “start fresh” sort of thing so then it’s like I never ate anything bad… Or so that I can start eating healthy and I lose those few extra kilos/cm overnight… I’ll obviously eat healthy/exercise still, because that’s my lifestyle anyway. I don’t mind if it involves starving yourself, even though I don’t think that helps… THANK YOU! ❤

    • Eating bad food for 3 days is not going to do you any real harm, so don’t worry about ‘toxing’ your body – many extremely fit and healthy people, spend 1 day a week eating exactly that! Don’t feel the need to launch into a detox program either – dont forget your body detoxes naturally everyday -you can give it a little push by eating healthily, drinking lots of water and adding say some wheat/barley and Spiralina powder to your Isowhey shake. Alternatively, perhaps visit a naturopath who could guide you in the right direction rather than relying on the powes of marketing companies selling you perhaps the wrong thing.. 🙂

  2. Hi Isowhey Ian,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I want to cleanse my body of all the junk I’ve eaten over the years. My memory, mood, and activity level have all fallen drastically since I began to eat junk food everyday. I also binge eat–a ton.
    I’ve already got my mind set on getting healthy, and I believe that is the most important step. What I’m worried about it that if I detox and work out (since I really am not looking to loose weight through dieting), things will go badly. I’m also afraid of the after effects of a detox. Help?
    BTW great blogpost

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