The 10 best things to help you through your PREGNANCY!…


I have spoken to quite a few friends & colleagues to compile this list of things/products/visits that can make a REAL difference to  making your pregnancy both easier, and more enjoyable, see what you think!…

ONE : Have  regular massage – ease those sore muscles, relax & detox at the same time. Spa’s have an amazing array of different treatments to pamper and rejuvenate yourself!

TWO :  Embrace the bump! – gone are the days (thankfully) of the flowing fabric dresses, designed to cover your growing belly, now its gone all style and substance – be proud of your bump and show it off to its full potential! AND you’ll feel fabulous as well!

THREE : purchase a Pilates or Yoga prenatal DVD, (or go to a class if your local gym/studio has one) – you will strengthen the right muscle groups and improve your posture to account for the imbalance of weight your body’s going through..

FOUR : A good Diet book – nutrition is so important at this time, you’re eating for two! – find out the best foods for you and your baby, and how to prepare them, cook them, enjoy them!

FIVE : Reflexology – this can be used to assist with morning (or afternoon,or evening) sickness, as well as actual labour pain itself, but it can also help balance & harmonise you throughout your pregnancy to maintain general wellness – plus it’s relaxing!


SIX : Take a dip! (preferably in your 5 star resort in Tahiti!), but swimming will give you a cardio workout, use all your muscles in a  non-impact way,  especially in the third trimester, & if it’s summer, you can have a quick relaxing sunbathe to top up on your Vitamin D!

SEVEN : Mineral Make-Up! Now you’ll be glowing naturally i’m sure, but on those special occasions (or even non-special), why not give yourself a makeover, make yourself as beautiful as you are – don’t forget you may not have the time or energy after baby is born, so make the most of it!

EIGHT : Acupuncture –  having a baby is not only a physical experience, but a spiritual and emotional one as well, so perhaps you can balance out your emotions and alleviate anxiety with this treatment, use it for morning sickness, blood pressure, fluid retention & can even be labour inducing!

NINE : Keep it Movin’!, to feel good, prepare for the birth and to be able to get back to your pre-baby body, you will need to keep fit during your pregnancy, keep those endorphins flowing and enjoy it!!

TEN : Visit a Naturopath, your needs change during this time, so get expert advice on what supplements may be beneficial to YOU!                                                                                                             

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