Eat More to Weigh Less!! Do you snack & shop smart?!


Eat More to Weigh Less? – That sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it – but it isn’t! Good news huh?!

I have blogged before about how to increase your metabolism and burn more calories, & one of those ways is actually by eatingBUT this doesn’t mean eating what you want, when you want… and this could be where you are going wrong if you’re having problems with your weight management.

You want to keep your metabolism stimulated – this is why NOT skipping breakfast is so important – you are literally breaking your fast from the night before and giving your body the energy it needs to start the day. It requires energy for your body to digest food so having breakfast will help to kickstart your metabolism each day. Beware the cereals though, nearly all of them are full of sugar, even ones that appear to healthy – like some mueslis.

I often hear people say “I just can’t eat breakfast” – rubbish! You have simply trained your body to not want it – what you need to do if this is the case, is try to slowly introduce eating something for breakfast within half an hour of waking, then gradually increase this over time, then your body will start to want… and expect it every day – IsoWhey is ideal here, especially if you are time poor as it is so quick, but also so nutritious.

So, if you continually skip meals or go on a crash diet, your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy, so if you’re not eating regularly or losing too much weight too quickly your body will assume it’s becoming starved and go into ‘survival’ mode – so it will fight to conserve your fat stores and weight loss will come from water and muscle…NOT what you want!

The other important thing to remember here is that when your supply of energy (from blood sugar, or glucose) runs too high, (from say eating too much chocolate or sugary snacks), the process of metabolism will store this excess energy by turning it into body fat to be used at another time..or of couse to just remain where it is! This is where exercise comes in as well because it’s all about energy IN and energy OUT – when the body runs short of this energy, it will go to the fat stores for this energy, hence ‘burning fat’. See my blog entitled “Burn Fat Faster” for a fuller explanation…

So is snacking bad for you? – many people may assume so, but this is because snacking is often associated with UNHEALTHY snacks-chocolate, donuts, candy bars or ice cream. However to manage your weight properly you need to eat every 3-4 hours, (especially if you are exercising more & only if you’re hungry… do not eat just for the sake of it!) – so include mid morning and mid afternoon snacks in your diet regime – just make them HEALTHY! Don’t forget, snacks are not meant to be meal size so if you’re counting calories as part of your diet make sure that you pre-portion them so as not to be tempted to overeat and also to maybe reduce your regular meal size appropriately, also don’t  snack after meals and NEVER before bed!

Planning is essential here, many of you will not plan to overeat – it just happens because you’re hungry and will often simply go for the nearest thing – which may be that candy bar! Start by clearing out your pantry of ALL the bad things hiding away there! Then start to shop smartly, write a list of lots of healthy snacks to keep at home so when you do need to snack it will be a good one. Also plan your snacks for the week at work ahead of time, as you do your meals, again this way you will always have a healthy option to hand! 

Interestingly, a report in the ‘Journal of Consumer Research’ stated that if one puts general items on your shopping list you are more likely to purchase healthier options at the point of purchase, rather than just going for your normal choice – plus try to get into the habit of reading the labels to really KNOW what you’re consuming – manufacturers often try to hide things away, promoting only one good ingredient out of many bad ones!

More tips – don’t try to have too many different flavours in one meal or snack – again research has shown that when you introduce new flavours, your brain ‘signals’ you to eat more of these different foods, (adding more colour is good though!) – so keep it simple!

Plus – don’t overdo the fruit – you’ll overdose on the fructose and raise your blood sugar too high, avoid sugary fruit (like bananas, or just have occasionally as a treat!)

Don’t eat or chew too quickly, allow time for your stomach to register it is full so you don’t overeat.

Finally... I’ve got just one thing to say to you – “CHOLECYSTOKININ” –  wow, that’smouthful! – but we can call it CCK for now. This is a ‘feel-full‘ hormone released by your body whenever you eat & has the effect of tightening the value between the stomach & intestine which can make you feel fuller – great for portion control! This release is stimulated by protein fractions and other nutrients such as ‘Glycomacropeptides’ – one of the ingredients of ISOWHEY!

Here’s my list of Healthy Snacks you may want include in your healthy IsoWhey day!

  • The staple – almonds & an apple
  • Low fat natural greek yoghurt, with berries
  • Herbed cottage cheese on buckwheat crispbread
  • Rice cakes with avocado 
  • Carrot, celery, capsicum sticks with hummus ( a ‘vegie shot’!)
  • Nut/seed (sunflower,pumpkin) mixes
  • Tuna, sliced carrot,olives on crackers
  • Protein balls
  • Sushi (brown rice w, salmon, chicken,tuna)
  • Ricotta & tomato on rice crackers
  • Natural yoghurt, mix in a scoop of IsoWhey – very filling! 

  • Last but not least.. there’s ISOWHEY’s healthy snack bars, these are a great example of a healthy snack to have in your pantry, have it mid morning, or in the afternoon, even just have a half bar – you also know you’re getting a good range of vitamins & minerals to boot! …oh, and they taste delicious! 

Look out for our next video – Cooking on the Lighter Side with Janine – she’s going to be filming ‘A day in the Life of IsoWhey‘ including of course snack options and delicious meal options!                                                                        

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