IsoWhey is a hit at the BBC Good Food Show..

Every year the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) hosts its Good Food Show, at the NEC in Birmingham, England’s second largest city. They showcase 2 of their biggest shows – MasterChef & Summer Live –  and have a host of companies displaying their wares. This year IsoWhey was honoured to be asked along by Ideal World, the home shopping network in the UK, where IsoWhey was recently launched.

Myself and Ricky Hay (you may know him from TVSN over in Australia) did 4 shows a day on their stage – pretty gruelling work, but it was great to get IsoWhey out there in the British marketplace – and boy do they need it, I was shocked at the amount of people I saw who were either obese or overweight, I guess it just confirms how much of a problem this is around the world. As well as promoting IsoWhey beng made in the powermill blender, we also were juicing the ‘Oscar 930’ – a cold press juicer which has a very slow rotation of 80 rpm, like using the old mortar & pestle.

Juicing is a really great way to get fruit and raw vegetables into your diet, especially if you’re not a fan of them! – and by using a cold pressed juicer it means that you actually extract more of the living nutrients & enzymes in the juice, they taste better and are better for you, with a rich deep colour full of anti-oxidents. These can be used as your mid morning or afternoon snack and as part of your healthy eating plan, plus they have plenty of vitamins & minerals. And you make your diet really healthy by your choice of vegetables/fruits, ones low in calories include carrots, cucumbers, celery & green beans. In the onion family – leeks,chives & scallions are full of allyl sulfides, good in the reduction of blood pressure and garlic is thought to help reduce heart disease (as well as keep those pesky Vampires away!)


Remember that any fruits or vegies that stain your hands are the best for you so try to use them – any berries and beetroot being the main ones. The most popular juice we made was a very unusual combination of apple juice, banana and spinach – try it – its delicious!! If you are going to juice though, remember to avoid too many sugary fruits and always try and combine fruits and vegies to level out the glycemic load.                         

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