London Calling – IsoWhey has landed!..

Well, after 30 long hours in a plane and airports I finally arrived at London’s Heathrow airport, hopped on the Paddington express and in no time was in the centre of London – easy! I got over my jet lag pretty quickly and soon settled in – to thunder and rain…typical!! The sun finally came out though so I took my newly designed tub of IsoWhey and set about taking it on tour of the city.

IsoWhey in the departure lounge!




                    ….and in the aeroplane!






I must say, in comparison to London, Sydney seems pretty small. I have signed up for the barclays bikes scheme where you can pick up bicyles from almost any street corner & ride around town with ease. It is such a good way to see London AND keep your fitness levels up, & costs virtually nothing. It works amazingly well over here, there is so much controversy over the bikes in Sydney, but in London cars & bikes really do work in harmony – hard to believe but true – no honking of horns, or hassle at all! I was concerned about missing my gym sessions but regarding cardio I needn’t have worried – what with the bikes and then walking all day, it all adds up to a lot of calories burnt. It shows how important Incidental exercise is and if you can incorporate it into your routine it can really help with your weight loss and health goals. 

I have been checking out the gyms as well – and there are alot of them, regarding the classes Zumba is well established, but the new one to look out for is the FLAMENCO class, must say it looks quite difficult, but a lot of fun. The clubs here do appear to be quite expensive, but certainly the ones in town have state of the art equipment and many have pools (England is not known for its beaches!). There is a greater need I feel for these types of gyms as  England does tend to spend quite a bit of time cold and wet, so you need a good indoor environment… we are so lucky in Australia to have the climate we do, especially for fitness motivation.

Try to incorporate walking as much as you can into your DAILY routine – walk to the office, to the gym to the shops…

Well, its off to the BBC Good Food Show for me, I’ll be blogging about it next week..stay tuned!.

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