IsoWhey – A change is coming, New Look, More Benefits!

That’s right, IsoWhey is getting an extreme makeover! Above is a sneak preview of one of the groovy new labels, but more importantly it’s what is changing on the inside! I talked in my last blog about the benefits of IsoWhey as it is, but today I just want to let you know about the new additions which make it absolutely unbeatable!

I have tried many a protein drink in my time as a Personal Trainer, both for personal use but also for my clients. Essential to me is that it’s a natural product (no toxins!), with quality ingredients, that covers a range of issues, not just good protein! – but also it has to taste great, otherwise you just won’t take it, right?!

So…how is it better??? – This new formula is going to provide better digestive & gut health with even more energy…and it’s all natural preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours!

Dietry Fibre – ‘Litesse’ has been added, this is a pre-biotic, think of it like fertilising your garden, this will better control blood sugar & cholesterol, provide better bowel health and give hunger control!                            

Addition of Enzymes – these are going to help with the digestion & absorption of the protein and formula – some people can experience bloating when changing to a ‘healthier’ diet – these enzymes will help eradicate these sometimes unfortunate symptoms!

Addition of Probiotics – (L.acidophilus & Blactis) – 3 billion of them! –  now you’ve all heard of these…they will help with gut health in general and promote the growth of ‘good’ bacteria, which is a known issue in overweight people.

Increase of Medium chain triglycerides – these are the good guys that are really going to increase your energy without resorting to using. This can lead to faster results for you, and you’ll see a difference in your exercise workouts, reaching your goals quicker…

So you now will have all these extras plus the usual high quality of the original ingredients.

I am also putting together new exercise routines for you to follow along with my videos, these will again challenge you, but with the result of you seeing results faster. This will be a chance to reevaluate your routine, set new goals and find improved challenges.

Achieving less of you, more of life! 

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