ISOWHEY – What it’s doing 4 U & what sets it apart…


I’ve worked with IsoWhey for quite a number of years now, and can say with my hand on my heart that I love it! Hopefully if you’re reading this, you will have tried it as well and feel the same, if not you may be thinking about trying it. Now we all know that IsoWhey has proven results, it has all natural ingredients, and it tastes great. We also know that its main benefits are that it has

  • Low sugar /Low fat / Low Carb / Low cal / Low lactose
  • Gluten / casein free
  • NO artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours
  • High quality Whey protein (Isolate & Conc.)
  • Great vitamin & mineral profile
So…we know all about the above so I won’t go on about them, however, there are a quite a number of other things that really set IsoWhey apart that I’d like to go over, that you may NOT be as familiar with, but which are good to know, knowledge is power, I always say! Then in my next blog, I’ll be talking about the NEW formula, with all the benefits of this one…but more!
Firstly, you need to know that whey is actually a really complex protein, with many nutrients including ‘sub-fractions’ – with their own active properties. We have 5 in Isowhey, & they all have very long names (which I simply cannot pronounce!) the main one being, Beta-lactoglobulin. Properties of these factions include:-
  • Enhancing bio-availability of Vitamins
  • Improving serotonin levels for improved stress tolerance 
  • Increased cognitive function
  • Providing a feeling of satiety
  • Stimulation of immune system function                         
BCAA’s (- Branch Chain Amino Acids) – these are especially important in regard to your exercise & in the repair, building and recovery of muscle and providing fuel as well as reducing lactic acid…and faster recovery means faster results. As you build up your lean muscle, your body has a better ability to actually burn fat & trim off those inches! It can be hard to get these, from a restricted diet, for vegetarians or people with food intolerances, so its easy with IsoWhey.
Amino Acids – IsoWhey has 15 in total, here’s just a few…
  • Alanine  – helps the liver process & eliminate toxins, so assisting well being & better weight loss
  • Arginine – may lower blood pressure & it’s good for your heart & cholesterol. Of benefit when the body                    in under some kind of stress. (This is produced by your body itself, but required in a balanced                  diet.)
  • Lysine   – Another Essential Amino acid (i.e it cannot be produced by your body), it again can help in                           building muscle tissue & produce anti-bodies, helping amongst other things, herpes.
  • Threonine – again essential, so one not produced by the body so you must receive it via your diet…to assist liver (detox) function, improve cardio vascular function (especially re fitness), but also it helps                         build your immune system, not bad heh?!
  • Glutamine – considered one of the most important amino acids, which can be produced by the body    (therefore its non-essential), but, during times of stress like intense exercise, the body                    needs more to maintain adequate levels, so essential to have in Isowhey, as exercise is an                        integral part of losing weight, it also will assist in gut function, immunity strength.

Last, but not least, Triglycerides, (medium chain ones, the good guys!) – Now you may have heard of these but they’re worth mentioning. These are a form of dietary fat, now you need fat in your diet, the good thing here is that they are quickly absorbed by the body and more quickly burned as fuel so are a great energy force – once again, of great assistance when exercising to drop that dress size.
I say… always check the ingredients/nutritional list on anything you buy, of course the main things are the fat & sugar content, but look a little deeper as well so you can see the full benefit of a product, like IsoWhey!

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