Ian’s News-RoundUp – how I ‘C’ it!…

There’s been a couple of timely reports out this week, especially as they refer to topics I’ve been talking about in my blogs and videos!

Firstly, on the back of my blog about Jamie Oliver’s campaign to change the way children are taught about food, the Obesity Council has just released a National blueprint to change the way junk food is advertised aiming at children. It basically wants to ban the advertising of unhealthy food during peak times when kids are likely to be watching, and during shows such as Junior MasterChef .The difference now is that it has been endorsed by all the major health bodies, including Diabetes Australia, the Heart foundation and the Cancer council.

In a survey 84%  (out of 1521 surveyed) answered ‘Yes’ to the question “Do you think children should be protected from unhealthy food advertising” – my question is who on earth would say say no? Yeah right…lets just blast our kids with more adverts to make them even more unhealthy!! Now I’m definitely not saying that our current problems are solely due to these fast food companies, neither do I say ban such products, however, childhood obesity IS becoming a huge problem, kids are getting sick, and it costs the country an absolute fortune to address. It has to be said though a large part of the responsibility lies in the hands of the parents, and to a degree our schools. Banning such advertising will not solve these issue’s, but it IS part of the bigger picture of DOING something!

Also this week, a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows researchers at the University of WA have released details of a two year study about the effect of sedentary jobs to our health. The results showed that people with sedentary jobs (over a 10 year period) had up to 44% increased risk of rectal cancer & almost twice the risk of Colon cancer. While as always there may be conflicting situations within the study participants, the message is clear, we need to move more to avoid a variety of chronic diseases. I will soon be posting a video called ‘Deskercise’ to promote movement at work – technology has made us lazy, why get up and give someone a message occasionally rather than just emailing or ichatting?!

This one’s interesting and of course open to debate – scientists say they have found a gene that could be a ‘master switch’ to obesity. Basically this one gene (KLF14 – great name!) is linked to both diabetes and cholesterol, but also to other genes that affect our fat cells, scientists believe that treatment of this one gene would have a knock-on effect on these other genes and could therefore effect how people gain or lose body fat, and effecting body mass index, obesity, cholesterol, insulin & glucose levels.

I think in the near future we are going to be able to learn an awful lot more about how the body works, things that would seem unbelievable, hopefully this is just the start. But for now anyway it’s still a case of eat well, take your IsoWhey and exercise!!

Finally, have you ever heard of lazy cakes? Keep your eyes peeled, they’re taking America by storm. The secret ingredient is hardly a secret though! It’s Melatonin – this a naturally occurring compound found in both plants and animals, and has a meditative effect, often used as a cure to Jet lag, as a benefit to insomniacs and a natural anti-depressant. This is being placed in brownies and sold online but also in such high street stores as 7-Eleven, and is being hailed as the legal ‘hash brownie’.

Of course, melatonin is basically banned here (apart from in ludicrously low levels) by the TGA – it has been sold in America across the counter for years. I have tried it myself and found it to be a great natural alternative to toxic, man-made, chemical pharmaceuticals – which of course the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Acssoc.) say are fine to use by Australians?!!! So I say by all means use it to assist your sleep patterns – in pill form…having it in brownies is only going to encourage people to eat yet more fattening foods – is that really what you need??

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