Jamie Oliver – the food revolution we have to have..

You have all heard of Jamie Oliver I’m sure, British Celebrity Chef, sometimes Naked, currently with a small cookbook out? Well, he has been based in America for the last few months filming his ‘Food Revolution’ now in its second season after its successful launch last year. I just happened to tune in on the weekend and am so glad that I did.

It made me angry.

You should watch it. Especially if you have kids.

Basically, Jamie has seen how poor diet has affected children both in the UK and the States (though of course it’s happening here as well), but not just children, to families, and he’s trying to start a revolution. He’s based in the unhealthiest state in America (West Virginia) & is trying to change how the States feed their kids at school – and it is un believable the obstacles he comes up against. The authorities wouldn’t allow him into their schools to film in the cafeterias or even talk to the kids to see what they want. Why is this? All he is trying to do is save kids lives!! He was even threatened with being arrested and had his filming rights rescinded!

The facts speak for themselves

  • Two thirds of Americans are classed Overweight or Obese
  • Diet related disease is the biggest killer in the US (also UK and Australia)
  • Obesity costs the American Govt $150 BILLION a year
The problem is multi layered, big companies are taking over the food industry, and it’s mainly processed full of preservatives & additives, fresh food comes way down the ladder.
Kids do not get taught in schools how to eat properly or even how important food is – kids couldn’t even recognise a potato or tomato and thought honey came from bears!!
Kids aren’t being taught at home either – one poor girl aged 16 had lost her grandparents to Diabetes, her father has it AND her 13 year old sister!! – Do you think we may have a problem Houston?!
This is a huge topic and a huge problem and I really admire Jamie for what he is trying to do – but you have to wonder if it’s just TOO big a job- mind you, if we all thought this then nothing would ever get done about anything!. One good thing is that just last week, Jamie succeeded in getting the LAUSD to ban flavoured milk from school canteens (its full of sugar), but of course the dairy industry is up in arms, saying how beneficial milk is!
Jamie has shown how it IS possible to feed kids well, for not much more money, he’s trying to get education back into schools and into the home –  think  we should take note of what is happening over there and make sure we take the right steps to ensure we don’t get to that level… but be warned –  it is happening here as well.
In fact I’m going to have a ‘Kids week’ on my blog – to highlight issues that I believe need raising.

Kids are our future, lets make sure they get one.

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