Latest News RoundUp – How Ian ‘C’s’ It…

Well – I know regular readers of my blogs will know that I often see the latest ‘research’ as a bit of a waste of time. They normally either state the obvious or don’t take into consideration other significant facts to do with their findings. This week we had the amazing headline that if you have fat friends you are more likely to be fat yourself – do you think this means that if you hang out with supermodels you’ll turn out to be gorgeous as well?!! – Right, I’m off to track down George  Clooney (or Brad!) and become BFF’s!!

On a more serious note though, the Director General of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan, released a report showing that ‘lifestyle’ disease (from drinking alcohol, smoking or obesity) now contributed to more deaths than non-communicable illnesses (cancer, diabetes AND heart disease). This has many repercussions, in terms of cost to the health industry, loss in national income, & lowering peoples standard of living generally (certain populations anyway)

Dr Chan states the importance of promoting healthier diets, more exercise and a reduction in alcohol consumption. We know all this already – though I guess it’s good to know it’s official. The question is

  • do people listen
  • are we doing enough to get the message out there
  • if not, why not
  • what more can we do? 
I say we need more education… to the parents who are either overweight themselves, or whose kids maybe. Get more teaching in schools about nutrition, get people away from all this crap fried food that’s out there, especially adverts targeting kids – (did you see those KFC ad’s over the break – YUK!!). Progression is being made, but we need to do more – people have to WANT to be healthier & fitter and have the right options available to them.
We also had a company in America offering an on-line service where you can ‘refer-a-friend’ to a weight-loss program – anonymously! ummm, not sure how your ‘friends’ would take that?! If you are a true friend to someone surely you can diplomatically broach the subject of one’s health and offer proper help rather than hiding behind a computer program!
Other reports were stating that overweight people were less likely to exercise if their family / friends teased or criticised them about their problem…again…ummmm…I think if you’re overweight you know it, you don’t need someone telling you, however, sometimes, somepeople, may not realise the extent of their problem or may simply be hiding from reality and being told about it could push them into doing something. I think there’s no one answer, everyone reacts differently..we just need the end result to be the same.
Finally, congratulations to Emma Duncan, 25 years old from Newcastle…. the winner of this years Biggest Loser competition. Emma went from being 133.9 kgs down to 71.9 – a loss of 62 kg’s. That’s pretty impressive, I think especially as she was not one of the contestants who stayed at the camp the whole show, she did a lot of the work at home by herself, so it does show you what you can do when you are THAT determined. This show IS extreme, I don’t think it is reality even though its a reality show – however, they do show what results are possible and from that point of view it can be motivating – if you are overweight, try and gain inspiration from their success and BELIEVE in yourself – that’s the best start you can have….
that’s how I ‘C’ it for this week!!….

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