ISOWHEY – What it’s doing 4 U & what sets it apart…


I’ve worked with IsoWhey for quite a number of years now, and can say with my hand on my heart that I love it! Hopefully if you’re reading this, you will have tried it as well and feel the same, if not you may be thinking about trying it. Now we all know that IsoWhey has proven results, it has all natural ingredients, and it tastes great. We also know that its main benefits are that it has

  • Low sugar /Low fat / Low Carb / Low cal / Low lactose
  • Gluten / casein free
  • NO artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours
  • High quality Whey protein (Isolate & Conc.)
  • Great vitamin & mineral profile press to read on…

Aspartame (Artificial Sweetener) – The Truth!

Like a lot of you I’m sure, I have always been aware of Artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet, Splenda, and Sweet n Low. The idea behind them being that because sugar is so bad for us, these provide an almost non-caloric option to help us stay healthy and not put on so much weight. It’s not just our tea or coffee though in which we use these, but they appear in over 6,000 different products including

  • Diet drinks
  • chewing gum
  • flavoured water
  • breakfast cereals
  • Jams & Sweets
Probably the most famous (and controversial) sweetener of all is ASPARTAME. Accidentally discovered in 1965 by a chemist named James Schlatter testing for an anti-ulcer drug, James literally licked his hand after spilling a small amount of a crystalised substance he was working on (aspartame) – and so it was born – eventually. Continue reading

Ian’s News-RoundUp – how I ‘C’ it!…

There’s been a couple of timely reports out this week, especially as they refer to topics I’ve been talking about in my blogs and videos!

Firstly, on the back of my blog about Jamie Oliver’s campaign to change the way children are taught about food, the Obesity Council has just released a National blueprint to change the way junk food is advertised aiming at children. It basically wants to ban the advertising of unhealthy food during peak times when kids are likely to be watching, and during shows such as Junior MasterChef .The difference now is that it has been endorsed by all the major health bodies, including Diabetes Australia, the Heart foundation and the Cancer council. CLICK here to read on…

Jamie Oliver – the food revolution we have to have..

You have all heard of Jamie Oliver I’m sure, British Celebrity Chef, sometimes Naked, currently with a small cookbook out? Well, he has been based in America for the last few months filming his ‘Food Revolution’ now in its second season after its successful launch last year. I just happened to tune in on the weekend and am so glad that I did.

It made me angry.

You should watch it. Especially if you have kids.

Basically, Jamie has seen how poor diet has affected children both in the UK and the States (though of course it’s happening here as well), but not just children, to families, and he’s trying to start a revolution. He’s based in the unhealthiest state in America (West Virginia) & is trying to change how the States feed their kids at school – and it is un believable the obstacles he comes up against. The authorities wouldn’t allow him into their schools to film in the cafeterias or even talk to the kids to see what they want. Why is this? All he is trying to do is save kids lives!! He was even threatened with being arrested and had his filming rights rescinded! READ MORE…

Alternative forms of exercise… some options!

We had some good ideas on our Facebook page about a number of alternative ways you can do your exercise (other than the usual walking, running and cycling!), so I thought I’d mention a few on my blog!

Vibration machines – a fairly new addition to the scene though the history goes back to the Soviet Union in the 1970’s and the Russian space program. Cosmonauts were unable to spend longer than 120 days or so in space without suffering bone degeneration & muscle atrophy (decrease in size), in researching why, scientists in Russia discovered vibration exercise technology. This proved most effective (their cosmonauts staying in space for 420 days!), but remained hidden to the west until after the fall of the Iron curtain.

These days it has quite a hollywood following with to reveal more, press here…

SUGAR: White vs Raw vs Brown – The Answers

After almost 2 years now of blogging all things health & fitness – this Sugar blog has been the ‘most clicked’…so I wanted to re-post it with an editors note: There is now even more scientific evidence regarding the adverse effects of sugar on the human body (from the Australian National University, relating sugar and brain shrinkage, for example). I seem to be aware of more and more people trying to cut sugar out of their diets and this can only be a good thing. But it’s not easy, everytime I go into practically any shop – all I see is Sugar – everywhere, it’s like it taking over the world! Reading the back of ingredients lists you can see how much sugar is in nearly everything – but you CAN make a difference, always check labels, make informed choices and search out low or no sugar products. Also there are Sugar free publications, like Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook – make a difference to your health and fitness – and quit today!…

Sweet, sweet sugar – we love it right? We also know it’s bad for us, right? Yet we continue to use it…right?

Lets face it folks, sugar makes things taste good, that’s why we have it in so many of the things we eat. If we omit it from say our cakes…well.. we probably would be wasting our time making them coz they wouldn’t get eaten! Most of us enjoyed having sweets as children and continue to enjoy them as adults, sometimes to our detriment.

We have huge problems nowadays with diabetes and obesity, affecting both young and old – stemming from poor diet and lack of exercise. The diet part is largely to our SUGAR addiction. So what can we do? It would be easy to say just cut out sugar from your diet but that just ain’t gonna happen (for most people, if you’re diagnosed with diabetes, chances are – I hope – you would do this!). 

Well there are alternatives, but first lets look at how sugars are produced… To stay sweet, read on & press here…

Burn Fat Faster …-> -> ->

When we talk about how to either lose weight, make your workouts more effective or how to Burn Fat Faster,  we really should look at three things that can affect this process…





Nutrition   – (you are what you eat… or will become it!)

Detox       – ( your body needs to be clean inside, to function properly)

Exercise    – (when, what, how) 

The foundation for how well your body works of course is determined by how efficiently it’s working on the inside, this may be partly influenced by genetics, but most of it will be from how you have treated your body over the years, how much alcohol you’ve had, how many cigarettes you smoked, how many Maccers you have on the way home from a night out on the weekend! How and when to Detox is an issue I will discuss fully in a future blog….

Latest News RoundUp – How Ian ‘C’s’ It…

Well – I know regular readers of my blogs will know that I often see the latest ‘research’ as a bit of a waste of time. They normally either state the obvious or don’t take into consideration other significant facts to do with their findings. This week we had the amazing headline that if you have fat friends you are more likely to be fat yourself – do you think this means that if you hang out with supermodels you’ll turn out to be gorgeous as well?!! – Right, I’m off to track down George  Clooney (or Brad!) and become BFF’s!!

On a more serious note though, the Director General of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan, released a report showing that ‘lifestyle’ disease (from drinking alcohol, smoking or obesity) now contributed to more deaths than non-communicable illnesses (cancer, diabetes AND heart disease). This has many repercussions, in terms of cost to the health industry, loss in national income, & lowering peoples standard of living generally (certain populations anyway) Stay healthy, click here…