Research Round-Up, How Ian ‘C’s It!

It really is quite frustrating when reading all these new ‘studies’ that are released each week, in trying to actually understand what they are saying! lets go through a few and try to digest them!


One being touted in the media this week is regarding Ageing and Lifestyle – from chemists at the Australian National University & is something most of us are interested in though something that affects us in different ways… and not just because of our genes. Some of us (especially if you’re from Hollywood) seem to be able to age VERY gracefully (others not so). Have Joan Rivers, Raquel Welch and Joan Collins aged naturally – I think not, they are all in their 70’s & looking fabulous (in make-up anyway!) However, these days procedures such as Botox are about as common as going to see the Dentist!

The discovery is regarding the damage done to proteins by ‘free radicals‘. These are well known to cause our skin to age, but are also linked to quite a few major diseases (e.g. heart disease and Alzheimer’s) caused in part by toxic build up from damaged proteins. These free radicals come from smoking, environmental pollution and fatty foods as well as from our own bodies, and unfortunately as we get older our ability to fight these reduces.

It has always been thought that protein molecules were damaged by these free radicals, but now chemists Chris Easton & Dannon Stigers are saying the problem may lie in part with Amino Acids (building block from which proteins are made) – so…we need to try and stop a build up of certain amino acids to try and slow the ageing process However thats all they say! They confirm what we already know about Anti-oxidants fighting free radicals & say to keep up your healthy diet & exercise – I say, don’t release these ‘new’ findings until you have something real or new to actually say! 

I recommend keep taking your antioxidant supps like Ultra Renew (resveratrol), the ‘good’ part from red wine!, keep exercising properly, don’t smoke and don’t over drink – sound familiar?!

CARROTS DO MORE THAN HELP YOU SEE IN THE DARK? – Interesting stuff here from the Fox Chase Cancer centre in Philidelpia, apparently their research has shown that Retinoic Acid (from Vitamin A) reverses the early changes in cells that lead to breast cancer, however this does not take place after a certain amount of time. This is still good news though for the war of prevention and slowing of the disease. Other natural products you may be aware of that could help are Biopectin, Vitamin D and Anti -Ox from BioCeuticals.

COFFEE LOWERING DIABETES RISK? – Ummm, this sounds a bit dodgy! Although what the University of Sydney & others have done is look at a whole range of other studies (18), covering more than 450,000 people to ascertain that coffee drinking is indeed associated with a reduction in the excess risk of type-II diabetes. However, these studies do not say why this occurs, just that it does! I say, its okay to have a cuppa day, but don’t forget there are still lots of chemicals involved in making coffee so don’t over do it.        

                         Finally, and this is a good one – the Griya Balu Clinic in Jakarta, Indonesia is actually touting and using cigarettes as a cure for cancer – they give their patients second hand smoke from ‘divine‘ cigarettes via a tube  -apparently some parts of Asia have poor regulation and tobacco companies give lots of money to the governments! Really!! what can I say to that??                  So…. that’s how Ian ‘C’s’ it for this week!

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