CHOCOLATE – Is it Really good for you?

Happy Easter! I couldn’t let this occasion pass without doing a blog on chocolate. There is an awful lot of things said about the health benefits of chocolate, most of which are put out by the confectionary industry themselves…surprise surprise, so the main question we need to ask is how true ARE these statements??

First though, lets have a brief history lesson!… The Origin of Chocolate. Chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean so obviously it is a natural product and was first harvested by the Mayans (from Central America) well over 2000 years ago, from the cocoa tree. It was believed it had a ‘euphoric’ impact on the body’s senses and was favoured by Emperor Montezuma of the Anzacs before he visited his harem! to indulge more, click here…

IsoWhey puts Fitness First!

Thats right, the IsoWhey team (Me, Mel and Michael) have been ‘on tour’ for the last couple of weeks around Sydney’s top Fitness First gym’s promoting IsoWhey with taste testings!

We have had a really good response from the members who by and large loved the different flavours. The main difference being that because ISW is all natural it doesn’t have the ‘chemical’ taste that many of the other ones tend to have, plus of course it has the added vitamins and minerals to make it a complete meal. Get Fit, Press Here…

Research Round-Up, How Ian ‘C’s It!

It really is quite frustrating when reading all these new ‘studies’ that are released each week, in trying to actually understand what they are saying! lets go through a few and try to digest them!


One being touted in the media this week is regarding Ageing and Lifestyle – from chemists at the Australian National University & is something most of us are interested in though something that affects us in different ways… and not just because of our genes. Some of us (especially if you’re from Hollywood) seem to be able to age VERY gracefully (others not so). Have Joan Rivers, Raquel Welch and Joan Collins aged naturally – I think not, they are all in their 70’s & looking fabulous (in make-up anyway!) However, these days procedures such as Botox are about as common as going to see the Dentist! to stay young, press here…

Different Styles of YOGA..Explained (Part II)

So, now we know where Yoga originated, lets look at the different styles.

I seem to be hearing about new ones all the time so it can be very confusing as to what they all are exactly, especially if you are new to Yoga.

There are many pathways to Yoga and many of these are intertwined, to the extent that most Yoga practiced in the western world stems from Hatha (pronounced Hah-ta, meaning sun/moon) – The eight pathways to yoga are to find out, click here..

Pics from Balmoral Swim for Charity – Great Day!

SO, Sunday came finally, I had been quite nervous as it got closer as I thought I hadn’t done enough training for the 1km ocean swim! It was a glorious day in Sydney and the beach and ocean looked beautiful – you can’t beat Sydney Harbour on a sunny day!

At first I was quite relieved as the buoys didn’t look that far into the ocean…all was well until about half an hour later when they brought out the other two and placed them far in the distance – my heart sank and the nerves came back!

10.21am We start…. we run into the water….we swim….into each other! It was really very difficult trying to avoid all the arms and legs of all the other competitors, though we soon started to go at our own pace and spread out. I was ok till half way, then I think all the water  was swallowing started having an effect!

But I was determined to finish, so I just focused on the next buoy as if it were the last, then once past it went onto the next one – looking back it really was like all challenges, you need to have short term goals which are attainable to get to your long term goals…

10.52am – I finish! thank heavens….the run up the beach was a killer though as my legs were cramping, but it felt so good to finish. I got straight to the BioCeuticlas table and got my fix of Ultra Muscleze (to help with the cramps) and Ultra PotentC – I recovered very quickly and half an hour later found myself in the 4×4 100m relay.

We didn’t do so well in this one and in fact one of our team members collapsed after the race (he’s ok now), but it shows that you really need to train before taking on a big exercise challenge, especially if its a sport or activity you’re not used to doing. So I always recommend you ease into any exercise program, let your body adapt…and you’ll get the results you want.

BioCeuticals’ Michael with some young supporters

The BC team show of their best assets!

Channel 10 Celebrity reporter Angela Bishop interviews BioCeuticals

The oldest competitor was an amazing 90 years young!

Me! – heading off to the start line.

Thank you to all who supported both myself & BioCeuticals (the major sponsor of the event) – a lot of money was raised for this great charity!

Yoga…Explained – Part One.

YOGA…. it has become a household word and is now practiced by millions around the world, but in the western world in particular, is still misunderstood or thought of in the wrong terms.

In translation it has many meanings but is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means ‘to control’, ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Many people today have misunderstood the practice of ‘Yoga’ to be just a series of different postures (asanas), with various kinds of breathing or meditation involved – however it is so much more than that – it is a philosophy, a way of life…of being & thinking, allowing you to reach a state of higher consciousness, of ‘enlightenment’. It talks about:,

SLEEP+exercise+healthy diet= Weight Loss

SLEEP – I’ve added this in to the above equation because we hear all the time about great new ways to either improve our diet or advance our exercise routine – but sleep is also a vital component of weight loss.

This works in two ways, on a physical level and mental one. We’ve heard that we should get around 8 hours of sleep to function properly, the latest research does appear to show that people who get too little sleep or too much can pile on the kilos which leads in time, to obesity. On a physical level this is partly due to two hormones which are stimulated with lack of sleep want more, press here…

Balmoral Swim for Children’s Cancer Institute Aust.

I can’t believe it’s April the 1st already! How on earth did that happen! As you can see from the above poster, the Annual Balmoral Swim for Cancer is on a week on Sunday – 10th April!

Somehow I volunteered myself for the 1km swim (Ocean of course) AND the relay!  – It should be a good day, hopefully the sun will pay us a visit and a good time will be had by all. It all starts early  on the sunday morning with the first race at 10am, there is also a 250m junior swim for the little nippers!

Of course it’s all for a great cause, to raise money for the Cancer Ins. of Australia and  particularly in memory of Alexander Hall whom I was lucky enough to know, but who passed away from this terrible disease on September 11th 2007.

Best I get off to do some training, swimming in the ocean isn’t as easy as it looks! – I’ll also be posting pics and vids of the event afterwards!

Gluten Free – Friend or Foe?

Have you noticed recently, how everything in cafes, supermarkets and deli’s has become ‘gluten free‘?

It feels as if this is being marketed as a new ‘healthy’ diet, or even a good way to lose weight.

Be warned, unless you are a coeliac, this is NOT the case! – There are a few questions that need to be answered here, lets start with…. Click here to read on…