Bully Blog (Pt 2) – Childhood Obesity, What can we do?

The problem of childhood obesity has been increasing, way too much, in recent years, and a by-product of this, raised its ugly head last week in the awful bullying footage posted on-line of Casey Haymes. My, how technology is changing our lives before our very eyes!

We have talked about the causes of this, but what is now becoming increasingly urgent.. what are we going to do about it?

In regard to both the actual bullying and the obesity problem, we simply HAVE to re-educate…both children and parents. It’s too easy to just blame the actual child who is doing the bullying – we have to look at why that child is doing it, have they themselves been teased, we look at the parents and often can see where the child gets it from, then we look at the parents and where they came from…it goes on and on.

Quite disturbing studies have come out of the States, showing children as young as 3 as having a very negative image of overweight children, and this continues to develop as they get older, seeing obese kids as ugly, mean, dishonest & unhappy, and the least type of person they would want to be friends with. Studies also show that children blame themselves and are often ashamed of being overweight.

So, Education, SCHOOLS, need to

  • have PE as a daily activity..and compulsary
  • nutrition/lifestyle as an actual subject, with an exam
  • BAN junk food from their canteens, ONLY healthy options
  • counselling for kids who are overweight/kids who bully
  • encourage extra-curriculum activities
  • be pro-active and work with parents
  • start all this in pre-school

After talking with several parents, a lot of schools are starting to implement these type of things, but clearly more needs to be done…by parents but also the government

Kids are getting fatter because they are eating the wrong foods and too much of them, education starts at home, parents need to

  • have family weekend activities, ride,swim, bushwalk etc
  • right food, right portions, NO junk food, i would ban it completely, its BAD!!
  • limit computer use at home, encourage kids to be active instead
  • No soda..seriously, its toxic to the body
  • don’t make food the focal point at parties, have fun instead!

I think the government needs to ban junk food advertisements which literally bombard kids the wrong message, these places only have profits in mind and certainly not the health of our children, despite what they say to the contrary!

Don’t forget also that you can give IsoWhey to kids as well, regular amount for over 12’s, age 6-12, half dose and half again for 3-6 year olds. Make sure they also get a good wholefood healthy diet in addition, but it can really make a difference to their weight, plus they like taking it as it tastes so good!!

We also need to encourage educational programs like Hi5 and The Wiggles, which easily portray great messages to kids about a huge range of topics.

Lets get kids moving, eating healthily, being happy and not bullying other kids,

Its a big ask, but surely one that we can work more towards together????

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