How Ian ‘C’s’ It…weekly research round-Up

It’s been a quieter week, for me anyway as I spent Monday on my old cruise ship “Crystal Serenity” which was visiting Sydney for the day – it was so weird to have 2 worlds literally colliding together and brought back so many good memories!

There was a good supply of new research out again this week though, the first is one that I totally advocate myself – ‘Be Happy, Live Longer’ now this is nothing new and to be honest it is pretty obvious. What an America University did was to review 160 studies looking at the connection between a positive state of mind and Health/longevity – Ed Diener, the Head Psychology Professor leading the study said he was “almost shocked, certainly surprised at the level of correlation”. This is all very well, but really, its hardly an earth shattering discovery! I say spend the money on doing more in depth research & give us some NEW info!

I’m a firm believer in the correlation between mind & body while you are exercising, that is if you think about the muscles you are working as you are working out, you will see better results, too often I see people chatting away while working out or even reading papers in between sets!

This next one relates to my blog on energy drinks. A study of 2500 people in the US & UK found those having just 1 can of fizzy drink (or fruit juice) a day had a marked increase in blood pressure (this was even taking the variety of people’s weight into consideration).

People who had a higher intake of these sugary drinks also had worse diets and higher salt intake – again, these studies seem to me to just be confirming what any reasonably intelligent person would know to be true – if you’re concerned about your health, you just don’t drink these types of drinks. Simple.

Moving from drinks to red meat now! The UK Government has issued new recommended guidelines on red meat consumption, decreasing it to 500grams per week. Advising citizens to cut down on sausages, hamburgers & steaks due to a higher risk of cancers if you don’t. There was no specific evidence linked to this move, but I do agree with it – I’m not saying you have to go vegetarian, but be wary and limit intake – don’t forget when you eat red meat, you’re also ingesting all those hormones etc that the animals are fed when they are alive and its acidic – not good! A bit of advice – if you do decease red meat intake, be sure to maintain your protein – what better way than IsoWhey!!

That’s how I C it for this week!

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