BMI – What is it & is it Accurate?

I have had a few people ask me about the BMI or Body Mass Index. This gets mentioned in the media quite a bit, and I think sometimes they just assume people know exactly what it is!

Quite simply, your BMI is your weight in Kg’s divided by your height in meters, squared.

So, if your weight is 70kg and your height is 1.70m your BMI is 24 – i.e you times               1.70 x 1.70 = 2.9        so 70 divided by 2.9 = 24

This is designed to measure your total amount of body fat and should only be used for adults aged 18+ once you have measured your index compare it to this scale:- To See Read On..

Research Round Up – How Ian ‘C’s it!

As usual, quite a few fascinating pieces of research released in the last week. Here’s just three of them…

  • NUTS! – we all know that nuts are good for us, research has shown that by consuming nuts regularly you may reduce the risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes and certain cancers. Nuts are really an essential part of any diet, because of these reasons and with the IsoWhey program we recommend that you have them as part of your mid morning or mid afternoon snack.

But which one is the #1 nut? want more – read on….

Bully Blog (Pt 2) – Childhood Obesity, What can we do?

The problem of childhood obesity has been increasing, way too much, in recent years, and a by-product of this, raised its ugly head last week in the awful bullying footage posted on-line of Casey Haymes. My, how technology is changing our lives before our very eyes!

We have talked about the causes of this, but what is now becoming increasingly urgent.. what are we going to do about it? get active, read more!…

Bullying…One Effect of Obesity on Children (Part 1)

I’m sure we have all seen 15 year old Casey Haynes fighting back after years of bullying by dropping his attacker – Ritchard Gale, who is 3 years younger and half the size of Casey to the floor. It was a case of David & Goliath, except in reverse! I think this shows how its not all about size and age as to who does the bullying. I remember one of the biggest bullies at my school was quite small, but had a huge (aggressive) personality, which made much larger pupils scared of him. Click here to read on…

Not Losing Weight? – Here’s perhaps why…

Now we all know that if your diet consists of eating fried, fast food, just before bed, backed up by a cream dessert, coupled with an inactive lifestyle, chances are you’re going to put on quite a few kilo’s!

But what if you do eat properly and follow a good diet and you do exersise 4 to 5 times a week, but you still aren’t losing the weight?

What I want to do here is talk about some of the reasons you may not have thought about, now some of these are pretty big and deserve their own blog, but I will just summarise today, to give you food for thought! Con’t reading to lose weight…

How to Maintain your Motivation!

Ok, so from the Facebook competition last week, it seems that most of you were concerned about how best to maintain your motivation and stamina. This is actually linked in to my most recent top 10 tips (see separate tab on home page for videocam, or the IsoWhey website), where I talk about how to keep resolutions going. Let me expand on that here and hopefully give you some inspiration!

I think its important to acknowledge that we all have highs & lows in any given situation, so don’t beat yourself up if you occaisionally fall down. I am also a strong believer in the power of the mind – it is said that we only use around 10 per cent of our capacity – imagine then what you are really capable of – literally anything!

This is no secret, but a ‘vision board’ can be a very powerful thing – and it can be made out of anything, a scrap book, photo album, a corkboard or just pictures stuck inside the wardrobe or on the fridge. I try to encourage my clients to visualise what they want to achieve and look like, even take a photo & have it photoshopped into your ideal shape, or buy that new dress or outfit that you want to fit into – give it a timeline (but make it real and achievable) – it could be a wedding or anniversary or a friends reunion, whatever suits.

Other things you may consider to keep you going…

  • write things down, both goals & achievements, its helps to solidify things in your mind
  • make your goals definite, not I will lose weight, but “I will lose 5 kilos by so & so date”
  • take your partner or a friend to your w/out sessions, push each other
  • get motivation from others, the ‘Biggest Loser’ TV show is a good example
  • don’t say “i should”  say  “I am”
  • try something different and fun e.g go to a Rumba class..
  • do it daily, once its a routine, its much easier to keep
  • …but also allow yourself a break or treat now & again!

BUT, the main thing is don’t give up, you’re trying to run 5kms, but struggling on the last bit, say a mantra over and over in your mind ” i’m a winner, i’m a winner” and you will get there, don’t be a couch potato, do sit ups or push ups during the adverts, no more i’m too tired, or too busy – change your thinking, but don’t forget plateaus are part of the process.

Keep up the momentum, & you’ll be amazed your results!


How to Increase your Metabolism – (Part 2)

SO, I talked in the last blog about what Metabolism is and what it’s affected by – many are things we can’t control, but we can affect our diet and exercise. So while certain foods are not exactly fat burning foods, they do require from the body more calories to be broken down in the digestion process. The other main thing we can affect, is of course our Exercise.

Aim to add intense exercise to your routine 2-3 times a week. Here you will workout to at least 75% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 20-30 mins, this could be going for a cycle (or spin class), a swim, a run – outside or on the treadmill, using a cross trainer (eliptical) or rowing machine or in fact any other aerobic exercise. Note – it can be hard to maintain this level, especially at the start of a routine so be sure to build up slowly. Continue Reading…

How to Increase your Metabolism…(part one)

Metabolism – you’ve probably heard of it and may know that it can affect your weight, but do you really know what it is?
Well, basically it’s the rate at which your body burns calories.
We all have chemical & physical processes which occur in the body in order to sustain life – this process actually provides the energy we require for digestion, breathing, tissue repair, laughing or any activity. This process is Metabolism. We need to eat to provide our bodies with nutrients to be broken down & provide energy and also build new cells.
We all have a different Metabolism, but this is affected by a variety of things, like to speed up, Press Here…

Making the most of your weekend..

Sitting on the train coming back from the south coast, I was thinking how I hadn’t been to the gym for a few days – however I was feeling pretty tired…but in looking back at the weekend realised just how much exercise I had done!
I was staying with a good friend down in Gerringong who has a large property with lots of upkeep required – plus 2 children (and friends of children!) – and all this adds up to a lot of exercise. Hammer here to read more…

How Ian ‘C’s’ It…weekly research round-Up

It’s been a quieter week, for me anyway as I spent Monday on my old cruise ship “Crystal Serenity” which was visiting Sydney for the day – it was so weird to have 2 worlds literally colliding together and brought back so many good memories!

There was a good supply of new research out again this week though, the first is one that I totally advocate myself – ‘Be Happy, Live Longer’ now this is nothing new and to be honest it is pretty obvious. Be Happy, Read More…