Research round-up…How Ian ‘C’s’ it!

Wow, what a week, plenty of ‘new’ research released and new weight loss products being sprouted on TV – but reading through these properly you often see a different reality from what the headline purports!

We had on a popular consumer program this week, a new weight loss product taking the ‘world’ by storm (i just love those statements!). This one was a spray which is supposed to reduce your appetite and enable you to lose 6 kilo’s in 6 weeks. The report was saying how it can now be that easy to lose weight without having to do hardly anything! – Helloo! – Do people fall for this? Bottom line – if you want to lose weight you need to WORK at it, both in terms of diet & exercise, if anyone says anything else, they’re lying! Simple.

The next headline talked about Diet soft drinks possibly increasing the chance of Stroke’s & Heart Attacks – while I like getting this info out there (we all know soft drinks are bad for you) – the actual research was pretty poor & the statements very general, if you’re going to publish research – make it worthwhile, ask questions of depth and don’t just say something we already know!

My last headline to mention is about the proposed plan to ban sports stars from advertising fast food – I think its a very good point that is raised – we all know that celebrities who ‘support’ certain products only do so because of the thousands of dollars going into their bank accounts – NOT their concern for your child’s diet! The research here was interesting –

  • more than 1/2 of parents DID NOT read the nutritional info
  • ‘Sporting’ a sports star, most felt the product was healthier & were more likely to buy it
  • 1500 parents partook, had choice of 2 low nutritional foods

I say forget what it says on the front, (or whose photo is there!) – go straight to the back of the pack & look at the sugar/salt content  -then choose!

So that’s how I see it – to know how Sue see’s it – you’ll have to watch GLEE!

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