How Ian ‘C’s’ it

Lots of health news again this week!

One of the ‘bigger’ headlines was about a lady in America extending the virtues of being Fat & Fit. Sandy Shaffer is 1.65cm tall and weighs 145kg. This was in relation to the one year anniversary of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign – she said she felt the first lady was sending out a negative message by focusing on obeisity, while I think its good if Ms Shaffer takes 3 aerobic classes a week and watches her diet, but the fact is that America and Australia have two of the highest to ‘C’ more read more..

If you like to squeeze and suck…try this!

The BOBBLE, if you haven’t yet heard of these, you soon will be seeing them everywhere – in the gym, the park, the office, the footy field, next to the tennis court. If you are concerned about the environment and like to drink healthy, filtered water, free of all those nasties like Chlorine this is the product for you. And they don’t come from China, they’re made in America!

The bobble –  it’s reinventing bottled water, it has a disposable filter (you need to replace it every 2 months or 38 litres), its made from recycled plastic and press me to read on…

What’s the latest Hollywood fad?…

WATER! Coconut water that is.

If you have been reading magazines recently or taking note of what is in your local health food store you most probably have heard of this – its taking America by storm & is set to do the same here. This has been helped by the endorsement of Madonna who has invested about $1.5 million in a company which produces it! (along with Demi Moore & Matthew McConaughey)

However, it seems there is substance to this fad. Coconut water has been used soak up more by reading on…

Is Your Back Killing you?

There was another interesting article this week in the media – again using a quote from a fitness ‘expert’ to formulate the story. The essence of which is that if you get up from your desk every 20 mins or so & walk around a little it will “help your body more than a 45 minute session at the gym”. I really think this kind of journalism is dangerous because it’s as if they are tying to give the impression that you can achieve results without much effort – this is just NOT the case!

There are so many flaws in this very general statement, in fact I’m sure there is no background research to it – especially as a 45 min session at the gym can be so many different things! However, I DO believe in the point they are making in terms of movement. I, along with a reported 80% of the worldwide population have had chronic back pain at some point. In Australia, (2003-4) 15% of the population or 3 million people reported having back problems & of these 39% were work related (Chiropractors Assoc. of Aust.).

Working in an office can sometimes to ease pain, read more..

Do you have a Habit?

Making a habit easy…

Whenever I hear the word habit, I don’t about you but it always reminds me of a bad habit – but why should it? Lets face it we all have at least ONE bad habit – but the thing is it’s just as easy to get into good habits. ‘They’ say it takes around 21 days to make a habit, that’s just 3 weeks! It can’t be that hard surely??

After the New Year i’m sure a lot of us made a number of resolutions – that was 7 weeks ago – how are you going, sticking with it? IF not why not? …Well, I just finished filming my next ‘Top Ten Tips’ where I answer exactly this -( I’ll post it next week.)

Its good to remember that you’re not alone – I know I struggle with getting things done all the time – but how good do you feel when you actually do it? the main things to remember are…

  • make short & longer term goals
  • make them achievable
  • Don’t make them TOO difficult
  • write down what you want to achieve
  • ..and make it in the present tense
  • be specific, both in nature and time
  • build on your goals, 1st week 5min jog/2nd week 10 mins & so on

Get motivated and make it work though don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session, but don’t forget YOU are the only one who can make it happen….

Research round-up…How Ian ‘C’s’ it!

Wow, what a week, plenty of ‘new’ research released and new weight loss products being sprouted on TV – but reading through these properly you often see a different reality from what the headline purports!

We had on a popular consumer program this week, a new weight loss product taking the ‘world’ by storm (i just love those statements!). This one was a spray which is supposed to reduce your appetite and enable you to lose 6 kilo’s in 6 weeks. The report was saying how it can now be that easy to lose weight without having to do hardly anything! – Helloo! – Do people fall for this? Bottom line – if you want to lose weight you need to WORK at it, both in terms of diet & exercise, if anyone says anything else, they’re lying! Simple.

The next headline talked about Diet soft drinks possibly increasing the chance of Read More, to See More!…

Myth-Busting – The secret to a flatter stomach (part 2)

…so continuing the blog from friday, here’s a few more common misconceptions out there which you really ought to know aren’t true!

  • Eat less weigh less – if you think you will lose weight by skipping meals you’re mistaken! This is a real no-no. You need to eat every 3-4 hours, eat sensible size meals or snacks, to keep you metabolism stimulated
  • The longer the workout, the better the results – unless you’re an athlete training for a specific sport you don’t need to do more than a hour in the gym – 40 mins of the right intensity workout should do it, and no chatting between sets for 5 mins – that doesn’t count! Also, you don’t have to be at the gym 7 days a week – the body grows & recovers during rest – so carry on reading

The Secret to a Flatter Stomach…(part 1)

… is NOT to do 100’s of sit-ups everyday!

Posting the article yesterday (“Heart risk for vegetarians”) – about how headlines can be misleading, got me to thinking about the many myths that are still alive and well & out there in the public domain today. So I thought I’d go through a few of the good ones and dispell those myths!

  • The flatter stomach one is my fav – doing sit-ups may help strengthen your Rectus Abdominus (your 6-pack), but its the combination of diet & exercise that will reduce the overall body fat (sorry, but you can’t spot reduce either!) – to reveal the But wait..there’s more..

Power Foods to Power You!

Ever get bored on the weekend? Need some new ideas?…Why not go shopping! That’s right, for power foods to power you! I visited a couple of growers markets on the weekend – they seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays. Its a trend that I saw last year while visiting the UK – more people are now choosing to buy their fruit & veggies from local farmers at these markets, as opposed to the larger chain stores (you know who they are!). The produce doesn’t tend to be all ‘shiny and new’, but much more rustic and natural looking. Let’s face it – who really wants their food coated in toxic preservatives and pesticides?!

As I’ve been talking about the importance of diet, this is a really good way to Keep reading, there’s more…

Do you want to change your life?

I was inspired to ask this question after a great conversation I had the other night. Myself and some friends had been down at the beach having a picnic and we got to talking about our food and diet.

One girl whom I had just met, Jo, was telling me how she had lost over 30 kgs over the last couple of years, by simply changing her attitude to food – she looks fantastic now, and is a healthy 60kgs.

Basically food became a major part of her life…from not really thinking about what or when she ate, she now Keep reading..