What is your medicine doing to you?

Well, it seems we have a different ‘week’ each sunday – and this one is no exception! – We’re now in Be Medicinewise Week… but one which I think is good to highlight, especially as we have around 70% of Australians taking at least one medicine per week.

Also, the Medical Journal of Australian states that

  • 16% of hospital patients may have adverse effects from medicines, of which
  • 50% are preventable and
  • 10% of these may lead to permanent disability or death.

The reasons for this are many, but its important to know exactly what medications you are taking (i.e. active ingredients) and why – its all too easy sometimes to go to the doctor and come away with another batch of anti-biotics, try and always use the same pharmacist and follow instructions carefully -there is a reason why you may need to take meds either with food or on an empty stomach and if you don’t you may well face some unpleasant side effects!.

Other tips are to

always check the use-by date & discard if old

Don’t ‘over’ dose

Don’t self-diagnose or rely on google to tell you whats wrong

Tell your doctor/naturopath all the things you are taking, including natural medications and ‘over the counter’ products

Always ask if unsure…

Bear in mind also that most medicines are not developed to cure – they often merely treat the symptoms – I have had many clients who are on say blood pressure meds and when I ask how long they are expected to be on them, they tell me “oh, they’re for life” – good news for the pharmaceutical companies heh? – what about diet and exercise?? these have been shown to reduce blood pressure – so I say always get a second opinion –  many Doctors these days are familiar with natural medicine as well, but a visit to a good naturopath I recommend, especially one that does Iridology  – you’ll be amazed at what they can tell you simply by looking into your eyes,  plus give good advice on appropriate natural medicines you may benefit from.

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