Welcome to Australia’s ‘Healthy Weight Week’

Organised by the dietitians Association of Australia this week (23jan-30jan) is Healthy Weight Week, it is designed to make people more attuned to how important it is to both achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle AND weight. All around Australia local communities get together and hold events to promote this, from

free water aerobics,

to seminars about how to eat right,

to local retail pharmacies giving free advice.

It also promotes how a qualified Dietician/Naturopath can assist in these goals – I think it’s definitely worth asking around to find a good naturopath to give you a personalised program on how to achieve your specific goals and exactly what supplements you may require – so much of what you read in the press is very general information, and not put together with YOUR needs in mind!

The AHWW is about addressing the Overweight/Obesity concerns for Australians because losing weight is so much more than looking better, when you get your weight down, you also lower the risk of

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood pressure
  • Joint problems
  • Cholesterol issues

It’s all about feeling good, looking good, eating good, and living life to the full!

For more information check out www.healthyweightweek.com.au

Have you started a new regime and stuck to it? What results have you noticed? let me know!

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